Our vision

Bristol leading the way as the first ‘Flexitarian City’, where citizens thrive on sustainable and healthy diets.

Bristol as a pioneering city, acting on the evidence and reducing meat and dairy consumption in line with health recommendations and greenhouse gas reduction targets.

A city in which the Council, its citizens and businesses work together to make it easy and enjoyable to cook more with vegetables. Where quality meat is savoured and produced to high welfare standards by local farmers.

A city changing diets to improve the quality of life for all.

Our Mission

We are working in five areas to achieve our vision:

Flexitarian Restaurants / Café’s: increasing the number of restaurants and cafes in which the range of choices for people eating out reflects a balance which is healthy for people and planet.

Flexitarian Public Procurement: campaigning to move public money so that budgets spent on food are spent on sustainable and healthy food.

Flexitarian Policy Statement: gaining council acknowledgement and advocacy of the role that eating less and better meat and dairy has to play as part of a healthier, more sustainable future.

An active flexitarian campaigns group: educating people about the benefits and necessity of flexitarian diets; reducing the barriers to public engagement; putting meat reduction on the healthy, sustainable food agenda.

Flexitarian city steering group: establishing a group of representatives from local business, the city council and civil society to steer our progress towards becoming a Flexitarian City.