This is a movement underpinned by a love of life, a wish to live fully without harming the ability of others to do the same. Food is an important part of this – good, well-produced food puts a spring in our step and helps us tread lightly on the world.


Moving from eating meat 100% of meals to 50% makes just as much difference as moving from 50% of meals to none. You don’t need strict categories – if you don’t eat meat at every meal you’re flexitarian. We’re all starting from different levels of consumption but we can all be part of the same process, approaching reduction in a way and at the speed that’s right for us.


We want to focus on celebrating good food, promote choice and recognise the eateries that are leading the way for modern sustainable eating. There is incredible diversity in vegetables, fruits and pulses and we want to demonstrate their huge potential for creating meals which are tasty and exciting as well as healthy.


The evidence base suggests that eating less meat and dairy will, as a rule of thumb, have positive health and environmental outcomes. But we understand that everyone has real lives, different priorities and diverse commitments. Flexitarian diets can be just that: flexible. Instead of following dogmatic rules you can balance your current situation with future benefits for yourself and the planet.


Healthy, sustainable food is a huge strength of Bristol. We work together with forward-thinking organisations and individuals to ensure less and better meat is included on the agenda and gets the attention it deserves.


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