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By mdisalvo, Bristol Post  |   June 17, 2015

New Food Trend Alert! Flexitarianism grows in Bristol

Most people have heard of vegetarians, vegans and maybe even pescetarians. But a new dietary trend is now emerging, and Bristol is leading the way.

Enter flexitarianism – one of the fastest growing movements in the UK – where adherents have a mostly plant-based diet but include animal products when they want.

This evening, as part of Big Green Week, the Flexitarian Bristol campaign group launched a campaign to get people in the city to eat less meat.

Rosa van Kesteren, the coordinator for Flexitarian Bristol, said: “We just want to start conversations about food. Meat is currently the elephant in the room. We want to start talking about eating less meat – because it is healthier, environmentally friendly, more interesting and fun – in a way that is different.”

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Our launch also featured in Bristol 24/7 and Destination Bristol.

New Food Trend Alert! Flexitarianism grows in Bristol