Flexitarian Bristol Launch Night!…Come and Meet Us

On 17th of June, 6-8.30pm we will be launching Flexitarian Bristol as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week.

Join us at  No 1 Harbourside, one of our top Flexitarian Restaurants, to enjoy a fine selection of inspiring guests, mini-talks and comedy, complimented by an affordable flexitarian menu. This is where we start to build a local movement around less and better meat: improving health, building a sustainable future and supporting local high welfare farmers.

Come down and talk to us! 

Our 10 minute small wonder talks will include:

  • Why a Flexitarian City?

  • Food and trust

  • Meat as a gender issue

  • Tackling a thorny issue: my Part-Time Carnivore journey

  • Telling a positive story about good meat

Topped off with Food Porn slam poetry! What’s not to like?


Vegan Friend, Veggie Boyfriend But You Eat Meat…Where To Go For Dinner?!

Welcome to the FlexiBristol blog where you can follow our exciting journey to make Bristol the first Flexitarian City in the UK.

flexitarian_A_v04_smallWe’re conscious about the quality and quantity of meat we eat; think local, high welfare animals that are farmed at a high standard in a more ethical way. If we reduce the amount of meat we consume we’ll have more land for beautiful natural spaces, increase our wildlife and create a greener, better Bristol.

We’ve been reviewing restaurants and cafe’s to see who’s flexi-friendly and caters for vegans, veggies and tasty local meat eaters alike without making it a big deal. They just do it! You and your friends and family can go to our Flexi-Awarded places without hassle, knowing you’ll all be well fed. So keep your eyes peeled for this sign:

Flexitarian Bristol Logo FLAT2translucent

Go to flexibristol.org and click on the map to discover where to go for a flexi-feast.

Big thanks to Thali Cafe, Chris at Rare Butcher and Jamie at No.1 Harbourside for contributing to our Flexi-Bristol documentary and sharing their passions for food and the environment. We can’t wait to share it with you so watch this space.